Book My Nets


Book My Nets is an easy and efficient system allowing you to book locations and timeslots of your club’s facilities. You can book for yourself and with friends (up to 6 people during Covid-19 regulations) for specific times and nets/pitches, and once the club confirms your booking you can go and play freely without interruption.

Book My Nets allows for the club, and the user, to ensure they aren’t double-booked for their facilities. If there is an event or match present, then this information can be relayed back to the user so they can book a separate slot for the future and work their timings around that.

Book My Nets also gives the opportunity for non-members of a club to use the facilities for a fee (set by the club) if you are in the area and want some practice still.

How it works

Select the location, date and time of which you want to book for. You will be redirected to show the availability of the club’s facilities. Book a time slot and specific part of the facility you want to use. Once you’ve given your contact details, the club will be able to confirm your booking should it be available.